Gaya Pind Daan Pandit

पिंडदान और श्राद्ध के लिए आप गया बिहार में अधिकृत पांडा से संपर्क कर सकते हैं। हम पिंडदान पूरी विधि से करते हैं और पिंडदान से पहले और बाद में किए जाने वाले कार्यों को भी बताते हैं ताकि पिंडदान की पूजा का शुभ फल मिले और आपके पूर्वजों को मोक्ष की प्राप्ति हो.

गया जी में पिंड दान, श्राद्ध, त्रिपिंडी श्राद्ध, पितृ दोष पूजा के विशेषज्ञ पुरोहित.

गया में मुख्य रूप से 3 जगहों पर श्राद्ध पूजा की जाती है, जो एक दिन में पूरी होती है।

3 दिन में 45 स्थान में श्राद्ध पूजा कर सकते हैं. हैं ।

Pind Daan in Gaya Ji/Shradh in Gaya

Gaya, also known as Bodh Gaya, is a city located in the Indian state of Bihar. This sacred city is located about 100 kilometers south of the state capital, Patna. This city is popularly known as the place, where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. It is one of the main religious places and is considered a sacred place for Hindus to perform rituals such as Pind Daan, which is performed to pacify the ancestors in heaven. The city is surrounded by greenery, old buildings and narrow streets. The main language spoken in this city is Hindi.

How To Reach In Gaya

If you want to visit Gaya and you are worried how to reach Gaya, then relax because it is well connected to the other cities of India by roadways and railways. It has an airport, providing seasonal services to some South-Asian destinations. Gaya itself is a major railway station of the region. The Mahabodhi Express runs between Delhi and Gaya, which takes just 16 hours to reach Gaya from Delhi. Gaya is superbly connected with Kolkata, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Delhi, Kanpur and other cities. Gaya International Airport connects Gaya with cities like Colombo, Bangkok, Singapore and Paro.

Planning for Pind Daan at Gaya

Bharat Seva Ashram, Bengali Ashram and many other local ashrams help the tourists in planning the pind daan puja. Bharat Seva Ashram will arrange a priest for you as well as lunch and dinner. However, you need to make a phone call to inform them weeks ahead of your scheduled arrival in Gaya. If you book a hotel instead of an ashram for your stay, the hotel staff will help you in getting a priest to perform the rituals for you.

How much to pay for Pind Daan?

While it is highly subjective, if you want to do an elaborate puja for your mental satisfaction, you may pay anything from INR 11000 to INR 21000. Or else, you may simply pay a budget amount of INR 1200 to INR 5100.

Benefit from Pind Daan?

It is same that every one obstacles in life square measure ironed once you perform Pind Daan ritual for your folks or ancestors. There square measure unexpected and fast positive changes determined in life. in keeping with our shoppers they need determined improvement.

Where to stay?

Budget travellers, who are on a day’s trip to Gaya can go for Bharat Seva Ashram as several other tourists do if they do not mind the lack of amenities like plush beds, TV, AC etc. Bring along a clean bed sheet and mosquito repellent to make your stay at BSS a bit more easier. Alternatively, there are various decent and best hotels in Gaya that offer better options.

Tourist Visit Places In Gaya

Gaya could be a traveler city of state. It attracts Hindus and Buddhist each, it's an area of nice spiritual price. placed on the banks of Falgu stream it's legendary for Vishnupada temple. folks found the globe to pay respect to their forefathers. From Gaya you'll be able to go Bodhgaya simply fourteen kilometer to ascertain Mahabodhi Temple, different Buddha sculpture and temples. There square measure numerous building opp railroad station open twenty four hours in Gaya.
Major Gaya attractions include Vishnupad Temple, Akshayabat, Barabar Caves, Mahabodhi Temple, Surya Kund and Pret Shila Hill, which make it a point for the tourists to visit the place. Sattu, litti, marua-ka-roti, bari-dal, sattu-ka-roti, pittha, pua, baigan-bharta and sukhaota are some of the popular food items of Gaya. The best time to visit Gaya is from the month of October to March.

When visiting in Gaya you should be aware of city

1.If you are a foreigner coming to Bodh Gaya, be aware of pickpockets and take care of your personal belongings while walking or traveling. 2.Never ever, and I repeat never trust someone proclaiming himself as a local guide. 3.I have witnessed this with my own eyes 6 years back. 4.They looted a Japenese guy and left him in an unknown area. 5.If you need a guide, go for an authorized one. 6.You will feel a lot of humidity with a high temperature in Gaya, so I would recommend you not to walk on roads during 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM